Benefits of Hot Stone Massage You Can Enjoy for Your Aching Muscles

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Whether your muscles are all tightened up from work or stress, or you just need some quiet relaxation for yourself, there are many benefits you can gain from getting a hot stone massage at your local salon. Smooth river or volcanic stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and then placed on various points of your body as part of your overall massage. Here are some of the benefits you can feel when having this type of massage done on your body. 

Open circulation

Your massage therapist will place heated stones on areas of your body that are most likely to tighten due to stress and everyday activity, including your neck, behind your legs, on the inside of your arms, and down your back. Aside from the heat calming you and bringing you a sense of relaxation, the process actually works to help open your blood vessels so your muscles can get greater blood flow and more oxygen intake, which can make them more pliable for the rest of your massage.

Stress reduction

If you have never had a massage before or are anxious about having one, then the heated stones can relieve tension and put you at ease. Some therapists will use gently heated stones as part of their massage, gently kneading your skin with the smooth Baltic rocks themselves to gently manipulate your muscles into a more pliable state, which can soothe your mental state as well.

Pain alleviation

Deep-rooted pain in your feet, back, or neck areas can be more easily alleviated via hot stones. As the stones work their magic to open your blood vessels and relax deep tissue, the massage therapist can work more deeply into muscles that are agitated and tightened up in pain. Make sure to check with your doctor about any lingering muscle aches you have prior to seeking the assistance of a massage therapist to make sure you don't have any muscle or nerve damage that needs medical attention.

A hot stone massage is a great way to begin any spa treatment. You can get this type of massage whenever you wish, allowing your body to feel pampered and soothed by the gentle heat produced by special stones. Talk to a massage therapist like those at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa about your main pain areas so they can address your condition in a more custom way, allowing you to feel much better when you walk out of their clinic than when you went in.