Botox Treatment: Aftercare

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When you receive a Botox treatment, post-treatment care is key if you want to ensure the injections are effective. This is why there are a few aftercare steps that you should follow. These steps help encourage proper healing and promote desirable results. Keep reading to learn more about these steps.

Relax and Sit Straight

It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activities and just relax for several hours following the Botox treatment. Keep in mind that laying down could allow the Botox to seep into other areas of your face, impacting the results. Therefore, for good measure, it is best to find an area where you can relax straight up while the Botox treatment takes its full effect.

Avoid a Facial Massage

Since the treatment needs several hours to completely set, it is important that you avoid any kind of facial massage. Massaging will only diffuse the Botox into other areas of the face where you would not want it, like the eyelids.

Exercise the Muscles

While you do not want to go out and get a facial massage, it is recommended that you exercise the muscles around the area where you received the Botox injections, as this can help ensure that the filler spreads evenly. To do this, you won't use your fingers, but simply talk and laugh to work your muscles naturally.

Apply Anti-Inflammatory Treatments                                                                                              

If you are someone who bruises easily, you will want to alleviate this following Botox treatment. An ice pack can do wonders at addressing the areas that are inflamed and/or bruised following the treatment. In addition, it may be suggested that you take an over-the-counter or prescription medication to obtain quicker relief from any residual discomfort that you are experiencing.

Watch Your Blood Pressure

As you recover from the Botox treatment, it is imperative that you avoid hot baths, saunas, and the like. The heat will only increase your blood pressure, which will increase blood flow, resulting in the Botox filler to move from its intended target area and transfer to other areas of the face. In addition, you will want to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages for roughly 24 hours following your Botox treatment for the exact same reason.

If you are considering Botox injections, the aforementioned aftercare tips are essential to follow. If you have any questions about the Botox treatment procedure itself, visit a treatment center like Med Spa on Marmion to learn more.